Almost every owner wants to achieve the highest possible price for his or her property. Establishing professionally the best asking price is essential to achieve this goal.

Dick Coan can provide you with the tools to do just this. They include:

  • Tool #1 A detailed report analyzing the research of near-by homes currently on the market, as well as those that have sold.
  • Tool #2 A study of market conditions and a study of present competition.
  • Tool #3 A analysis of your home's location and how proximity to schools, shopping, transit and other factors might affect value.
  • Tool #4 A forecast of mortgage interest rates and their movement, up or down, which could affect the size of your prospect pool.
  • Tool #5 A walk-through of your home, detailing any price effective touch up or repair items, which may increase the value and decrease the marketing time to sell.

For your total report, which will accurately forecast the selling range of your home, call or e-mail Dick Coan today. It's quick, easy and best of all; there is no cost or obligation.