Buying a home in some ways is similar to buying a suit or a special dress. Yes, the price has to be right but it also must "fit" just right and have that special "feel". We have all purchased an item of clothing that was a great price, but after the thrill of the bargain wore off it ends up unworn, just taking up space it the closet. So, like something to wear, make certain the "fit" is right and that you have that "special" feeling when you select your home. Then negotiate for the best price, but do not overly concern yourself if it is not a "bargain" price. This home will truly turn out to be your best buy.

Other "best buy" tips are:

  • Make certain that you have a home inspection. Having a home inspection will disclose possible expensive repairs or troubling defects. (see Resources - Home Inspections)
  • Make certain that you are pre-approved by a mortgage lender prior to finding the right home. This will give you the advantage by providing the Seller with peace of mind. They do not have to worry if you will be approved. The assurance of a trouble free sale will usually find Sellers more anxious to sell to you. (see Mortgages - Pre Approval)
  • Make a "serious" earnest money deposit. There is no rule of how much earnest money should be given. Earnest money is just that. Money to assure your Seller that you are in earnest. It is held until closing and then is credited to your money needed at closing. A strong deposit will be a sign to the Seller that this sale is a solid sale. The less risk the Seller sees, the more anxious they will be to strike a deal with you.
  • Use a Buyer Broker. A Buyer Broker will represent only you. As a Buyer Broker, Dick will put your interest first, help you find the home that is best for you and negotiate the best terms and price for you. (see Homes-Buy-Buyer Broker)
  • Once you have identified the home that is just right for you, act quickly. This does not mean irresponsibly. It does mean that you should make the offer and complete the negotiations quickly to eliminate the possibility of a competing second offer. Until your offer is signed, all changes initialed, and delivered to you and the Seller, there is a risk of an intervening offer. This could lead to your paying a higher sales price or your missing out on the one home that was just right for you.

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